Weaving Links: weavers, history, techniques, and instruction

The Weaver's Journal

A real treasure-trove: the first 46 issues of The Weaver's Journal: pdfs for download at the University of Arizona. The actual title of this periodical is Master Weaver

Jane Stafford Textiles

One of the very best weaving sites for help, information, and weaving aids. Her charts are especially useful for beginners.

The Women of the Bauhaus School

Many weaving works shown by the talented weavers at the Bauhaus.

Drafting Basics

A well illustrated introduction to weaving drafts by Eleanor Best. And, it contains this significant bit of information when using Marguerite Davison's wonderful book, A Handweaver's Pattern Book: Her book ". . . is all written for a lowering shed loom. The tie ups should be inverted to weave on a jack loom [e.g., If Davison shows that treadle 1 operates on shafts 2 and 4, you would change treadle 1 to control shafts 1 and 3] and close attention to her notation system must be made. She groups "blocks" of the pattern together and puts small numbers to signify the number of threads in each section as well as arrows to define the length of the pattern repeat."