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Photography Background

I began my photography career years ago in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and have never left it alone except for 20 years after I moved to Vermont. I lived in the rural outback and could not have those chemicals running out into my orchard. But when digital came along I was there instantly.

I began immediately to try to capture what I felt about Vermont. It took few months before I found my direction which was to make others feel what I felt when I saw certain Vermont scenes. That was in 2007. The old barns my ancestors danced in. The houses that made it through the depression only to somehow now be falling into disrepair. These pieces of Vermont architecture provide a living link to our past like no other. Already one I captured has been destroyed by vandals with a match.

As I traveled the back roads I of course passed through or stopped in many towns. I began to notice these towns and to realize how "Vermont-like" they were. Human in scale, often backed by hills. And, so to my rural images I began to add images of what I term "Rural Urban"--very different from what we normally think of as urban photography. Many of these towns will change in the coming years. St. Albans, the town with which I'm most familiar, is changing now--Walmart has come and we've yet to see what will be lost, but we will lose.

Some of my images are digitally modified. Some are not. It all depends on what they made me feel and what I thought I could do to pass that feeling on.

There are many images of White River Junction. A town I fell in love with one night in January of 2009. It haunts me and I keep going back.

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