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Big Data American: for Edward Snowden

You can start it over again by refreshing the browser page and the pattern will be different.

The good and bad thing is that as the nation hosting the largest number of popular digital online services (like Google, Facebook and Yahoo) many of those critical keys are located right here on US soil. Simultaneously, the people communicating with those services -- i.e., the 'targets' -- may be foreigners. Or they may be US citizens. Or you may not know who they are until you scoop up and decrypt all of their traffic and run it for keywords. --Matthew Green, The Daily Dot)


Snowden has been on my mind lately so I decided to do something about it. I used the randomness of the Brownian motion as a jumping off point.

What is happening as you watch is that every time the green line changes direction it forms a "node" where I deposit a phrase. As long as the program is running, that node will have text appear at it. The nodes keep appearing much as they do on the internet in real life. You come home; turn on your computer to check the weather: your computer and router have just become a node. Whatever you do on the web passes out through that node.