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Mastering Weave Structures by Sharon Alderman.

CAVEAT: This is an expensive book, so if you are relatively poor, don't buy it unless you absolutely know you are crazy, passionate, and obsessed with weaving,

There are a number of modern weaving books that aim at offering creative ideas. This book doesn't claim that, but it had a superabundance of creative ideas in the first 16 pages of the plain weave chapter.

The writing is superb. (I have the infamous "all-but-dissertation" in British literature.)

I like this quote from the introduction:

Every book must be limited in its scope, and this one is no exception. I have set limits in accordance with my personal prejudices. . . . The structures discussed here are those which do not require manipulations with your fingers; there is no pick-up. Likewise, although there exist threading systems that are interesting from a mathematical point of view, I have not included them unless I feel that they produce useful cloth structures that no other threading system can. In other words, if it can be done on a loom without someone's having to become a carpenter/engineer, and if it can justify its existence by producing sound, beautiful cloth, then I'm interested.

The book itself is elegant. Images are precisely photographed to show the actual weave. There are innumerable full drafts.

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