Clair Milanovich
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About the Art

I pursue two interests in my painting: landscape and expressive abstraction.

There is much landscape we pass by worthy of closer looking. My paintings focus on this. My first series (the Missisquoi Series) focuses on the browns and ochres that mark the transitions between winter and spring, fall and winter. To me these seem times for reflection— quiet, subdued— in which an unassuming nature appears between the colors of deep summer, and the naked starkness of northern winters.

My other interest emerges from my deep fascination with the sky— clouds, stars, weather. This is more difficult as I have to make something that puts down on a surface what is in my mind's eye. My abstraction interests have also grown out of a professional lifetime as a graphic designer.

Primary pastels are Sennelier, Unison, Diane Townsend, and Gordan Beçin. Surfaces are Sennelier's Pastel Card and Art Spectrum Colourfix.

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